Express Exits

Mã sản phẩm #FGS-MTRM-C

Thông tin mô tả

DescriptionFiberGuide® Trumpet Flare, 2x2in, Yellow
Thông số kỹ thuật
Description Part Number
4” Express Exit with 4×4 exit opening, yellow FGS-MEXP-E-A/B/F
2” Low Profile Express Exit with 2×2 exit opening, yellow FGS-MEXP-LP-A/B/F
2×2 Trumpet Flare for 2” Express Exits, yellow FGS-MTRM-C
Single 2” Flex Tube Attachment
2” flex tube and 2×2 junction to attach to Express Exit
5’ length FGS-MEX1-C-5F
10’ length FGS-MEX1-C-10F
15’ length FGS-MEX1-C-15F