Description: Fiber Optic Patch Cord, Duplex, OM3, LC/UPC to LC/UPC, Aqua
Description: G2 LL Multimode OM4 MPO 12 distribution module, 12 LC to 1x12f MPO pinned, internal shutters
Description: OM3 MPO (Female) to MPO (Female), InstaPATCH® 360 Array Cord, 12-Fiber, Low Smoke Zero Halogen
Description: Ultra Low Loss (ULL) OM5 MPO8 (female) to MPO8 (female), Fiber Extension Cable Assembly, 8-Fiber, Low Smoke Zero Halogen
Description: G2 ULL Multimode OM4 MPO-24 Distribution Module, 24LC to 1X24f MPO unpinned, internal shutters
Description: Ultra Low Loss (ULL) OM4 MPO/24 (Male) to MPO/24 (Male), 24-Fiber, Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)/Riser
Ordering Note : For additional jacket colors, please contact a CommScope Sales Representative | For lengths greater than 999 ft (304 m), orders must be in meters | Minimum length may vary based on cable configuration