This article provides information about changes on factory installed VMWare ESXi operating systems with the launch of the 14th generation (14G) of DellEMC PowerEdge servers. 14G servers include the following models R740XD, R740, R640, R540, R440, T640, T440, M640 and FC640.

What has changed?

There are 2 changes regarding the factory installation of VMWare ESXi operating systems:

  1. The root password is the Service Tag of the machine. This can be changed during deployment.
    Previously there was no password set and this change only affects 14G systems.

    The following message can appear and explains that the root password is the service tag:

  2. OS Installations with the BOSS-S1 device will not have the VMFS datastore enabled by default.
    DellEMC recommends setting the BOSS-S1 device as a boot device only (VMWare KB 2145210).

Note: DellEMC 13G PowerEdge servers, factory installed with VMWare ESXi, will continue to have no password set for root username.

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