FireEye NX Series (Giải pháp an ninh mạng)

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Tính năngNX series là sự kết hợp giữa công nghệ lõi MVX (Multi-Vector Virtual Execution) với kỹ thuật IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) và cập nhật DTI từ FireEye, giúp bảo vệ người dùng trước các tấn công có chủ đích (APT – Advanced Persistent Threat) qua truy cập Internet. Giải pháp NX có thể được triển khai nhanh chóng dưới nhiều hình thức Inline, SPAN/TAP mà không gây xáo trộn thiết kế ban đầu của hệ thống mạng sẵn có.
Thông số kỹ thuật
Product Feature Benefit FireEye Network Security Essentials FireEye Network Security
Detect advanced, targeted and evasive threats traditional security solutions miss
Signature-less threat detection (MVX service) Detects multi-flow, multi-stage, zero-day, polymorphic, ransomware and other advanced attacks
Real-time and retroactive detection Detects known and unknown threats in real time while also enabling back-in-time detection of threats
Multi-vector correlation Automates validation and blocking of attacks across multiple vectors Cloud email and endpoint Email (on-premise or cloud), file and endpoint
Multi-OS, multi-file and multi-application Support Supports heterogeneous endpoint environments for a wide range of applications
Hardened hypervisor Provides evasion proofing
Rapidly respond and contain the impact of intrusions
Real-time inline blocking Immediately stops attacks
Signature-based IPS Detection Automates and accelerates triaging of traditionally noisy alerts to eliminate overhead
Riskware Detection Categorizes critical and non-critical malware to prioritize response resources
Integrated security workflows Pivots from detection to investigation and response Endpoint Forensics Endpoint Forensics Enterprise Forensics
Actionable contextual intelligence Accelerates containment of advanced threat with in-depth information about the attack and attacker
High Availability (HA) Provides resilient defense
Continually adapt to the evolving threat landscape
Real-time threat intelligence sharing Globally-shares real evidence to immediately block previously unknown attacks and accelerate response
Custom and third-party threat intelligence (STIX)* Allows ingestion of non-FireEye indicators into the intelligence-driven analytics engines
Strategic threat intelligence Enables a proactive assessment of threat landscape changes and empowers a lean-forward security posture
Scale and remain flexible as the organization grows or the delivery mode of IT services changes
Supported bandwidths 10 Mbps – 2 Gbps 10 Mbps – 8 Gbps
Supported users 50 – 20,000 50 – 80,000
Supported NX Series Integrated or Network Smart Node (cloud-only)Physical: NX 900 – NX 4420, NX 7500 Virtual: NX 1500V – NX 6500V Distributed mode: FireEye Cloud MVX only Integrated appliance or Network Smart NodePhysical: NX 900 – NX 10550** Virtual: NX 1500V – NX 6500V Distributed mode: FireEye Cloud MVX or MVX Smart GridMVX Smart Grid Physical: VX 5500, VX 12500
MVX capabilities Integrated appliances FireEye Cloud MVX Integrated appliances MVX Smart Grid FireEye Cloud MVX
Supported form factors Physical, virtual, cloud Physical, virtual, cloud
Deployment models Integrated and cloud-based distributed Integrated, on-premise and cloud-based distributed
Cost-free integrated / distributed migration

* Only supported on fourth-generation (NX x4xx) and newer appliances configured in the integrated mode. ** All third-generation (NX x3xx) and newer devices can be converted to Network Smart Nodes as part of a distributed deployment.Chi tiết Spec Sheet, vui lòng tham khảo và download tại đây