Mã sản phẩm #GS2220-28-EU0101F

Thông tin mô tả

Hãng sản xuấtZyxel
DescriptionZyxel 24-port GbE L2 Switch with GbE Uplink
Trạng tháiCòn hàng
Tình trạngMới 100%
Thông số kỹ thuật

Intelligent PoE for cost saving (GS2200-8HP/24P)

ZyXEL’s Intelligent PoE features provide two power supply modes:

– Classification Mode: the switch reserves the maximum power (W) to each powered device (PD) according to the priority levels.

– Consumption Mode: the switch manages the entire power supply, so each connected PD gets the actual power it needs.

In the Consumption Mode, ZyXEL’s intelligent PoE, GS2200-8HP/24P, will reserve the required power automatically, and you can set power feeding priorities on different ports to get the best use of power resource.

This capability can increase the number of devices connected and deliver a better ROI for the business.

The GS2200-8HP provides 180 W of total budget power to port 1-4 with 30 W each and to 5-8 with 15.4 W each; this is sufficient for full loading to support all needs.

Besides, the GS2200-24P provides a total budget power up to 220 W. With the PPS250 external PoE power supply, the GS2200-24P can provide 15.4 W per port to 24 PoE ports simultaneously